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This is the Light House Apostolic Centre; raising, equipping and maturing the Saints.
It's our utmost pleasure to have you here and we are glad that you are interested in us.

We value you!

You might be wondering, 'what makes here different from where I've been?' The answer to this is not far fetched; we value you and point your attention to that which matters the most in life.

The Light House Apostolic Centre is all about your growth in Christ; learning to follow, obey, know and become like Him.

Our goal is possible because;

We're a family;

We do not have to feel alone or helpless in trying times because we work at allowing the love of God to flow in and through us to one another. We worship, pray, learn, rejoice and even discipline one another in love. We are just like you, desiring to have God possess our being till we become fully like Him.

The best part of it all is that, we believe nothing is impossible, of course with God! This is why what really matters to us in life is inheriting God; this is our focus. Nothing else satisfies us and we are there for each other on this path to life that we have chosen.

Come as you are

No matter your past or present experiences, your questions or even how you feel right now, you are welcome to identify with us. We are gathered to God, our Father who is able to heal our souls and meet our needs. We love one another and this is a safe place to be.

Just join us on our next meeting day; we value your time and presence, and we look forward to having you fully with us.


A Place For You

A place to connect and grow. The doctrine of Christ is our focus.

Visit us on our next meeting day!